Introducing the New Foreskin Facts Site

Aug 21, 2013 Posted by Nathan News

I started building this site in September 2010 with lofty dreams of setting the record straight on circumcision and foreskins. I already knew the foreskin was a vital and important part of the male anatomy, but I needed to find a way to explain this to others, particularly expectant parents who were thinking of circumcising their newborn son.

Why should you just take my word for it, though? I wanted to gather all the facts, studies, and research to provide to people with straight-forward information. It quickly became a daunting task, and nearly three years have passed since I started this project.

I’ve finally accepted that I must start somewhere, so I’m going live with this site, even in its incomplete stage. Please be patient as I finish pages and continue to expand on them. I have huge dreams for this site and I know they are achievable. I just have to start somewhere.

Welcome to phase 1.0 and please come back for future updates.

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