Foreskin Restoration

Aug 28, 2013 Posted by Nathan

Question: Can you really get your foreskin back after you’re circumcised?

Answer: YES! Well, kind of…

Circumcision is the permanent removal of the foreskin. When the foreskin is removed, thousands of uniquely sensitive nerve endings die. Scar tissue forms and a dramatic loss of penile sensitivity may occur, particularly with the glans, as it is now left exposed and vulnerable when it was intended to be protected by the foreskin.

Men can never truly get their foreskin back, but there is hope! A technique that is commonly called “foreskin restoration” allows men the opportunity to grow new skin on their penis from the skin cells they have left. Over time, the weight and length of this new skin will roll downward over the penis, thanks to gravity, and it will look and feel similar to a foreskin.

Sounds too good to be true, right? But thousands of men in the world are working on restoring their foreskin today, and their results have been incredible!

Mitosis is the main ingredient in foreskin restoration. It’s basically the process of cell division. Men apply tension on the penis to stretch the skin. When the skin stretches, mitosis sets in and the skin cells divide.

Our bodies experience mitosis every day. Think of the way your stomach expands when you’ve put on a few pounds. It’s a natural process for skin to grow, but in the case of foreskin restoration, you want the skin growth to be permanent. This is why foreskin restoration requires many hours of regular tension on the penile skin, over a consistent period of days, months, and years.

What are the benefits of foreskin restoration? As the skin on the penis grows, so will the sensitive nerve endings, which will increase pleasure during sexual activity. The skin will also moisturize and protect the penis, allowing the glans to heal and become smoother and shinier, as it was intended to be.

A circumcised penis usually has hundreds of tiny cracks and lines on the glans. This is because the head has been exposed to dry air and friction from clothing. Foreskin restoration can help reverse some of the damage that was caused.

Getting started with foreskin restoration is simple. Start out by gently grabbing the skin on both sides of your penis with your fingers. Pull the skin as far out as you safely can, without injuring yourself. You should feel a slight amount of tension, as you are pulling the skin further than it’s used to. This is good. It means the tension is working.

Pull it and hold it there for several minutes, several times per day, until your body gets used to it. Gradually increase the intensity of your tugging and try to hold it for longer sessions.

After a few weeks, you may begin to notice the skin seems more pliable and easier to stretch. That means you’re making progress!

I will expand on this section in the future, with more advanced details and guidelines for getting started with foreskin restoration, but this should get you started.

Happy tugging!

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