Circumcision to Look the Same as Dad

Aug 27, 2013 Posted by Nathan

Question: Shouldn’t our son’s penis look like his father’s penis?

Answer: No, because a father’s circumcision status has no effect on his son’s penis.

This is an extremely popular question brought up by parents. They are concerned that if they don’t circumcise their son, he will be confused because his penis doesn’t look like Dad’s penis, which has been cut.

I grew up in a house full of boys (my poor mother!) and I really don’t remember anything about my father’s penis. I don’t even remember seeing it, although I’m sure I did at some point. But I couldn’t tell you anything about it, and I don’t even remember if he was circumcised or not. Likewise, I’m sure I saw my brothers naked, but I don’t remember their penises either.

When children are very young, nudity is natural to them and they don’t really care about details. They just dart through the living room with their underwear on their head, declaring they are the king of the jungle.

Once they are old enough to start school, they will suddenly be aware of themselves and how they fit in socially. At this point, they will become more self conscious and easily embarrassed. Nudity will make them giggle and they’ll blush if anyone accidentally sees their willy.

By this point, who will care if his penis looks like his father’s or not? What purpose would that serve? The average male will not remember such specific details about his father.

Further, there is absolutely no logical reason that a boy’s penis needs to look the same as his father’s. Circumcision is not warranted just to make two penises look the same.

The long-term benefits that a foreskin provides uncircumcised boys far outweigh any rationale for circumcising them. Please don’t cut your son’s penis just for looks. Let him grow up and make his own decisions about his penis.

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