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Sep 15, 2010 Posted by Nathan

(2013 edit: I have plans to greatly expand on this section in the future, covering many different methods for educating others about the risks of infant circumcision. For now, here are some general tips I’ve found to be helpful in having a civil conversation with people. Although there are multiple ways to get a point across, I’ve found that being calm and reasonable is often more effective than shouting and forcing our views. Change doesn’t happen over night.)

There are 3 steps to changing the way people perceive circumcision:

Studies show that in order to truly and permanently change the way people look at anything in life, you have to hit all 3 of these areas. Emotion is what drives human beings. It gets us fired up about a topic. But information is what seals the deal. Once we understand the facts and information, our brain can process both the emotion and the intellect.

A clear plan is the final step. People must have guidance to follow-through. Otherwise, there is confusion and mixed responses, which can trigger people to revert back to their old way of thinking. Clarity is an essential key to inspiring a permanent change.

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