Should I Ask My Boyfriend to Get Circumcised?

Sep 16, 2013 Posted by Nathan

Question: I love everything about my boyfriend, except his foreskin. Should I ask him to get circumcised?

Answer: No, you should not ask your boyfriend to get circumcised. Would you cut off a part of your body if he asked you to? Let’s discuss why this is unfair and why women should be supportive of uncircumcised men.

In the 1990s, circumcision rates in the U.S. began to decline, and this trend has continued ever since. Now more than ever, parents are making the wise decision to leave their sons intact. But this trend has also spawned a new era of young women who are having their first encounters with uncircumcised men, and their reaction can be negative.

Most of this comes from simply not understanding the foreskin. These young women only saw circumcised penises in their high school anatomy lessons and they’ve probably seen mostly circumcised penises in their sexual encounters. So when they encounter a male partner whose penis looks different to them, they dismiss it.

Worst of all, young women have been exposed to a heavily negative attitude about uncircumcised penises in pop culture. A famous episode of the TV show Sex and the City comes to mind. In season 2, episode 9, “Old Dogs, New Dicks,” Charlotte is repulsed when she begins dating “the perfect man,” only to discover he isn’t circumcised. She loses interest in him until he agrees to be circumcised. This episode still airs in syndication today and reflects the general attitude some women have about the foreskin.

Women: Why the unfair standards?

Women know how cruel and judgmental society can be. From an early age, girls learn about the expectation to always be pretty, have nice hair, clear skin, stay skinny, wear stylish outfits, wear make-up, etc.

It’s a sad thing when women are told they are never good enough, and then every magazine and billboard they see shows an airbrushed and deathly thin model setting a standard for beauty that can never be achieved.

So what’s the first thing some women turn around and do to their boyfriend? Tell him there’s something wrong with his penis and it needs to be cut off immediately if the relationship has a future.

Women should be the biggest advocates for the natural male penis.

A woman knows how important it is to be loved and accepted just the way she is. She needs a partner who still thinks she’s pretty when she doesn’t have make-up on, when she’s having a bad hair day, or when she gained a little weight during the winter. She wants to be loved as a person, not an object.

So why would a woman ever ask a man to change his body to prove his love? Why would she treat his foreskin like something that disgusts and horrifies her?

Women should be the biggest advocates for genital integrity. They should encourage men to be confident and secure about their intact status and accept them as they are, because that’s the way they were born. This is how the male anatomy was intended by nature.

Men have feelings too.

Men are actually quite sensitive and insecure, although they may not express it as openly as some women do. But as a man, I can assure you that men doubt their appearance all the time. And if they are uncircumcised, they may have suffered shame and rejection from their partners.

As a woman, when you know how that feels, why would you ever impose that same self-doubt and insecurity onto your boyfriend?

A closing request for acceptance from women everywhere.

I encourage all women to accept the natural, uncut male penis. If you don’t understand the foreskin, that’s OK. Be honest with your partner and tell him you’d like to explore his foreskin. It will be fun and exciting for you both, and he’ll be turned on by your curiosity about his penis.

The foreskin is packed with thousands of sensitive nerve endings, which enhance and intensify a man’s pleasure. Once you discover how much satisfaction it brings him, you may begin to understand why it would be selfish to ask him to cut it off. After all, you wouldn’t want a man to ask you to cut off such an erogenous part of your body, would you?

So ladies, please never ask your man to change his body for you. Give him the same love and respect you want him to give you!

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