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Sep 17, 2013 Posted by Nathan Foreskin Restoration

There’s a very interesting discussion posted on reddit about foreskin restoration, which asks intact men to describe the most sensitive parts of their penis and foreskin. The responses give a diverse and unique overview of what men can expect to gain with foreskin restoration, and what areas they’ll see the most improvement with.

One of my favorite responses was from a user named nigglereddit, who gave a detailed description of how the foreskin is like the eyelid, and how uncomfortable and dry our eyes would become if our eyelids were cut off. He says:

An intact foreskin is about as sensitive as your eyelids (although not quite) and feels much the same. In fact it performs much the same purpose: it protects another, still more sensitive part of your body.

With an intact, natural foreskin, the tip of your cock is very sensitive, so much so that you wouldn’t want to handle it roughly. The foreskin protects it from that kind of contact. But the foreskin also allows you to rub and stimulate it without damage or pain.

Think about it this way: if your eye is itchy, you don’t peel back your eyelid and rub your eyeball, do you? It’s too sensitive. But closing your eye and rubbing the eyelid back and forth – man, that feels great, right? Same thing.

Now think about this. Take your eyelid, pull it away from your eyeball, move it around a bit. Try it now, please, it’ll help you understand. Now imagine cutting it off. Just grabbing a pair of scissors and cutting off your eyelid. How would that feel?

And how would your eyeball feel? It would slowly get dryer and would eventually stop hurting, but would it really be “okay”? And would you really say you weren’t missing anything?

So next time you think or talk about circumcision, close your eyes for a moment and think about your eyelids. That’s the closest way to understand how it feels.

Hat tip to miamee on the Restoring for Men forum for re-posting it.

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