Men Need to Stop Bashing Feminists

Jul 5, 2014 Posted by Nathan Blog

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend lately from male intactivists. They seem to have a deep hatred of women who identify as “feminists,” and bashing them opening in forums and social media appears to be accepted behavior.

Here’s the problem: It’s pure ignorance to make sweeping assumptions about any group of people, including feminists.

I think it’s human nature to look for patterns to justify our anger. It’s easier to lump together all feminists as “the enemy” because the stereotype fits nicely into a box. But I should warn my fellow men that sweeping stereotypes are destructive and damaging to all groups of people. Think of stereotypes about gay people, black people, Jewish people. Do you really want to demonstrate the same offensive behavior as bigots and racists?

The truth is simple. Some women support infant circumcision, others don’t. The same is true with men. Yep, there are men out there who support circumcision too. Weird, right?

You can’t say that ALL feminists support circumcision because it’s not true. I personally know feminists who have children and chose to keep their sons intact. That’s why it’s so ridiculous to make generalizations about any group of people.

I understand why men get angry. A vital part of your anatomy was taken from you—without your consent—and you need somewhere to target that negative energy. Feminists seem like an easy shot.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with a feminist. Maybe you got into an argument with a self-identified feminist on a forum. She was hell-bent on her beliefs that women had the right to choose whether their baby was circumcised, and she believed you were taking away her rights by telling her what to do with her child. This is sad, but it happens.

But please understand that her views do not represent ALL women, or ALL feminists. They simply represent that woman’s views (which are deeply misguided).

I’m not asking male intactivists to stop fighting for children’s rights. I’m just asking them to be mindful about making sweeping generalizations. It isn’t wise to bash any group of people. It really just makes you look as foolish and judgmental as the group you’re criticizing.

I support equality for all. This is why I am a peaceful intactivist. If a woman wants to circumcise her son, I’m going to have something to say to her about it, but it has nothing to do with her being a woman. I am only concerned about what’s fair to her son.

Men: Focus on the argument you’re trying to make, and stop blaming it on the person’s gender. We can open up more hearts and minds if we work to build a unified message for genital integrity, without the burden of stereotypes.

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