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ManHood is the best way to get started with foreskin restoration.

What’s one of the primary reasons you’re restoring your foreskin in the first place? To regain sensitivity, of course! You want to experience that amazing, intense, earth shattering sensivity that your penis was intended to feel, right?

It’s probably going to take years to get enough skin growth to keep your penis head (your glans) covered with your own skin. So in the mean time, you’ll need a foreskin substitute to keep the glans covered, which will allow you to regain sensitivity. ManHood helps you accomplish this with fast results because it’s a foreskin substitute made of soft, durable, machine washable fabric.

What sets ManHood apart from other devices?

The process we’re discussing is commonly referred to as retaining. It basically just means that keeping the head of your penis protected from damaging elements allows it to heal and eventually you’ll notice that your glans is shinier, smoother, and more sensitive. Somewhere down the road, the texture will even change. But in order to retain, you first need enough skin to pull forward over the head of the penis.

If you’re just starting out, you probably can’t achieve that. There isn’t enough skin. That’s where ManHood comes in. ManHood was first introduced in 1995. It’s the first and only reusable garment on the market that simulates the protective barrier of a foreskin.

How does ManHood work?

It’s made of hand-sewn fabric that conforms to the shape of your penis. When you order it, you choose the size you want based on your penis measurement. This helps make sure ManHood is a perfect fit without being too tight or too loose.

Basically, you’re wearing a foreskin made of fabric. It even helps men who are uncircumcised but have tight or short foreskins that painfully rub against your underwear. Those days of grabbing and re-adjusting are over.

How long before you feel results?

As you might imagine, every penis is different and every man will have different results. In our testing, there was a noticeable difference within the first 30 days. It required wearing ManHood every day and night, taking it off only when needed. When you order ManHood, you get a pack of 2, so you can handwash one and wear the other. They are also machine washable, but they last longer when hand washed.

The sensitivity and improved sex life you gain from wearing ManHood will motivate you during the restoration process. As your new skin grows, you’ll eventually be able to keep it pulled over the glans and ManHood will keep it in place for you. So it’s multifunctional and can be used every step of the way.

You can also use it when you’re tanning or swimming (not that we recommend exposure to UV rays, but if you must, ManHood is great for protection).

Visit to buy ManHood, see photos, and learn more about it.

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