Circumcision Is Torture

Sep 15, 2010 Posted by Nathan Articles

It’s time to make a difference!

Over the years, I’ve become more and more educated about the act of circumcision on newborn baby boys. Poor, defenseless children who have no choice in this barbaric ritual. The negative effects last a lifetime.

In 2008, I started the process of foreskin restoration. At the time, it was just a personal goal. Nobody needed to know about it. This was my business.

But now it’s time to speak up. I had a conversation with my doctor yesterday, who hates circumcision. A respected medical professional confirmed what I already knew was true. In his own words, he called circumcision “torture.” He then went on to say it was “unnecessary” and explained how it put the child at risk of scarring and infection.

My goal is to build a comprehensive resource to educate the public about the risks of circumcision, as well as help activists make a difference in the world.

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