Circumcised at 38

Sep 21, 2010 Posted by Nathan Interviews

This is the true story of Joe, who had to be circumcised at age 38.


Why were you circumcised?

It became the only option. An injury happened during a very unfortunate sexual encounter in which my boyfriend at the time accidentally scraped my foreskin. The scrape resulted in permanant scarring of the tissues. As diligently as I tried, the scarred tissue lost all of its flexibility and the head of my penis could no longer exit the foreskin. This of course made sex impossible.

What was the recovery process like?

Recovery was horrible as it took nearly three months. I hemorrhaged immediately after the procedure as a supervised medical student performed the operation and I had to return to the emergency room via ambulance. The process was painful. I had to wear very loose and light-weight shorts to work for months before returning to trousers. Needless to say, sex was out of the question.

How have things changed since your circumcision? Are your glans less sensitive?

I am not as sensitive. Let’s think about this…I can relate to having my fingernails removed. The tissue under the exposed flesh of the nail would be extremely sensitive under the tissue, after exposure, would “toughen up”. Same thing with your penis. After all, it has been protected all your life.

Have you had to change your sexual habits now that you don’t have a foreskin?

Nothing has really changed. But remember, the foreskin not only protects the “little guy”, but also lubricates as well. It seems to collect moisture underneath it and actually assists with the glidng action….therefore, beating off required no lube when I had a foreskin.

When you did have a foreskin, was it ever a problem?

Never as issue, although I did get it caught in a zipper while peeing at age 5. I remember my father having to assist removing it (ouch). I was never difficult to keep clean. When you shower, you would pull the foreskin back to soap up your penis just like any other body part. All of my partners and encounters found it fascinating. Although I have had many encounters over the years, I never found another circumcised individual.

What do you think about circumcision? Should parents have the right to choose for their newborn sons?

I think it is a crime to allow parents to mutilate their children, particularly in this area. It’s amazing the amount of ignorance that exists amongst new fathers to have this procedure performed on their son just because they had it performed on them and therefore it must be a good thing.

Are you familiar with foreskin restoration and have you tried it?

I am not interested. Because of the amount of foreskin removed, it can never be restored and quite franky, the circumcision was so painful, I can only imagine what another procedure would entail.